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In Sober Mercies, Heather shares her journey of recovery. Her story reveals the unique challenges and spiritual battles we all face when we become ensnared in an addiction–and the redemption that’s possible when we finally reach the end of ourselves.

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Sober Boots is a compelling compilation of stories and insights from Heather’s own stumbling journey of addiction to recovery. With the humor and honesty her readers have come to love, she offers practical help and spiritual encouragement to those who suffer from alcoholism or addiction. As the mother of an alcoholic, Heather is also familiar with the painful challenges that come from loving an addict. Here, she delivers life-tested wisdom and compassionate support for family and friends. Each entry can be easily read in a couple of minutes, making the book perfect for use as a morning devotional. All the reflections in this collection were chosen from her former blog, Sober Boots. For twelve long years, Heather was a secret drinker who hid alcohol in her boots—until one day she experienced the miracle of surrender and her “boots” got sober. As you follow Heather toward freedom and a life built on grace, you’ll find renewed strength for your own journey.