# 2 Venus TINY

In this riveting, heartfelt debut, a young woman assumes a new name to escape her dark past and find the redemption she desperately seeks.

“It’s impossible not to root for this strong, willful girl as she finds her place in the world and for her brother as he tries to make sense of it.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Charming, touching, and a host of other adjectives not often associated with a murderous thirteen-year-old.”—Booklist

sobermerciesforblogFor twelve long years, Heather was a secret dinner who hid alcoholic her boots–until one day she experienced the miracle of surrender. In Sober Mercies, Heather shares her journey of recovery. Her story reveals the unique challenges and spiritual battles we all face when we become ensnared in an addiction–and the hope that’s possible when we finally reach the end of ourselves.