About Heather

Heather Kopp is an author, blogger, and freelance editor. Her most recent book was the novel, My Name is Venus Black (Random House/Dial Press, February 2018) under her maiden name, Heather Lloyd. She also published a recovery memoir, Sober Mercies (HBG/Hachette, May 2013). For several years she wrote a blog about recovery and faith called Sober Boots, which she has since compiled into a small book by the small name.

Heather’s love-affair with writing began in her early twenties with articles and a magazine column. After publishing her first book at 25, she went on to work as an editor and collaborator. In addition, she authored or co-authored more than two-dozen non- fiction books, including, I Went to The Animal Fair and The Dieter’s Prayer Book. These days, when she’s not writing, Heather loves having coffee with friends, reading novels, and watching lots of Indie movies with her editor husband, David Kopp. Along with their small dog Mondo, they make their home in Portland, OR.