Prayer is An Egg

Art by Jessica Shirley, click image to visit her on Etsy
Art by Jessica Shirley, click image to visit her on Etsy

Hi you guys,

It’s been a while. A long while. I’ve gone from blogging sporadically to hardly blogging at all.

As many of you know, these past six months have been super stressful, what with the house renovations, the surprise move to New York City, and just days before we left Colorado, the untimely death of a certain little black dog…

So I’ve given myself a lot of space, grace, and patience. I figured when my soul finally caught up with me here in Brooklyn, I’d get back to blogging.

Obviously, that hasn’t happened. Instead, I sense this new season is taking my writing in new directions. This is exciting for me, but sad, too. It means I can’t promise if or when I’ll post here again.

It means I already miss you.

I guess I just wanted to tell you that. And let you know, too, that I started writing in Raw again, in case you want to catch up with me there.

Since I don’t have anything of my own to share today, here’s one of my favorite poems from Rumi. I don’t know why I love it so much, except it always reminds me of my powerlessness in the best way possible.

I think it’s the perfect advice for addicts, alcoholics—anyone, really—who is reaching for the gift of desperation:

Pray the prayer that is the essence
of every ritual. God, I have no hope.
I am torn to shreds. You are my first,
my last and only refuge.

Do not do daily prayers like a bird
pecking its head up and down.

Prayer is an egg.

Hatch out
the total helplessness inside.


 P.S. I’m still sort of updating the site—forgive if things are missing or not complete.

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Author: Heather Kopp at

Heather Kopp is an author and blogger who writes about the intersection of addiction and faith. Her memoir about her recovery, Sober Mercies, was published by Jericho, a new imprint of HBG (Hachette Book Group) in Spring 2013.

41 thoughts on “Prayer is An Egg”

  1. I was so excited when I saw you in my inbox again, I only wish it wasn’t because of these circumstances. Well now you are even braver than ever to me, and still an incredible inspiration. I have your book, I plan to start reading it again. I’ve been struggling with my own addiction and depression, I feel for your son, and I am so sorry that you and the other families involved have had to experience this tragedy. Thank you for coming back and peace be with you and also those who may be suffering along with you.


  2. Heather,
    Jusr started reading your book through tears. I am 53. Divorced now 12 years. Married for 20 years. Three adults kids. I am an alcoholic/addict. I am also a christian.
    You have encouraged me to seek out recovery beacause church just couldn’t seem to help with my complex issues. Thank you
    James A. Chicago IL


  3. Glad to hear that the move went well Heather. Sorry about you canine friend. I went to High School in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Tech). I’d love to hear your thoughts on my NYC hometown in future posts.


  4. Hi Heather! I miss you hear in CO, but it sounds like NYC is going to be a great fit. I’m turning 50 next month and I’m sorry you can’t come to my party. Have a grateful day! Love, Betsy


  5. Glad you are back, if only briefly and not as often…take your time! As the mom of an addict, I so enjoy your honesty and heart in sharing. It gives me hope for my 24-year old daughter. 🙂


  6. i was just thinking of you and wondering how you’re doing. Seeing your name in my inbox made me smile. Glad you’re being gentle with yourself. Sending Love your way.


  7. It was so nice to see your name in my inbox today! I had no idea about the move or the death of your dog. Both are extremely stressful. I’m glad to hear all is going well for you in NY though. Best of luck to you always! I know what it’s like to only be able to blog sporadically, so I do understand. I am happy to see you whenever you can post, because you always uplift me with your words. Thank you and God bless. 🙂


  8. Hi Heather. It was great to see you in my inbox. I loved your book and I love your blog. In fact, you have inspired me to blog myself on, The Real Housewives of Sobriety. I will keep watching you to see if anything comes about, but I am glad you are being patient with yourself, because that is what we all need. Now I know what it feels like to be pressured to write, but Im the only one who puts that pressure on myself. Thank you for being an inspiration.


  9. This totally made me happy to see a new post from you in my inbox. Even if it’s only sporadic, I don’t care. I just like knowing you keep on keeping on. You feel so very far away in NYC, but I trust you’re finding much to love about where God has landed you. So amazing, that, But it fits, too. Or at least it seems it would, to me. Anyway, love to you, Heather, and to that husband of yours too. Tell him I said hi. 🙂


    1. Katherine, thanks so much for saying that. I keep waiting to be nominated for THE MOST UNRELIABLE BLOGGER AWARD. I will tell Dave hi, for sure. Hopefully someday I’ll have another book for you to review on your amazing blog. You really are so good at what you do. Take care, friend. I’m only far away on the map.


    1. Laura, I love this, seeing your face here. I guess that’s what happens when you go missing from the blogosphere–you don’t know who else has gone missing. 😉 I hope you’re well. Drop me a line sometime to tell me about our heart and what you’re up to these days. I haven’t been on social media much either. Hugs and love, H


    1. Nancy, you’re not alone worrying. A few others have emailed me to ask the same: are you okay? I am really doing well, even though I’ve not been writing posts about it. I hope you are doing okay these days, Nancy. Let me know sometime, okay? Miss all you guys. And you have been so faithful to stay connected to me.


  10. Hey Heather,
    I wrote this little prayer after a stretch of particularly foul days. It’s no Rumi, but it helped me and it goes like this:
    Dear God (or Source or Whomever),
    Every day is a gift.
    Filled with potential.
    Please don’t let me spend another day in hell.
    I won’t call the day wasted, even though it sure felt like it.

    I’ll just consider it part of the ebb and flow of life.
    It will make me appreciate the good days that much more.

    …Oh, that’s sneaky God. That thing you do.

    Water never tastes as good as when you’re really thirsty.
    Food never tastes better than when you’re famished.
    It never feels as good to sleep as when you’re exhausted.

    I get it.
    Wise guy.

    Hang in there Heather!


  11. Yay! Great to hear from you here on your fresh new looking website. I am excited for whatever new writing direction is ahead for you. ‘Happy to read RAW and see that you are finding some sweet new relationships in Brooklyn. Grace and Peace to you, Heather!


    1. Hi Heather! Hope you might consider rescuing a puppy or dog on death row. I did a few years ago and God used that sweet precious pup to help rescue me. Would definitely assist you in your grieving process. Tx for all you do! Love, Joy


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